Sarah's background of art and fashion, combined with her passion for order, has made her work truly unique.  There is an art to her business in which she not only organizes your space, but also makes it aesthetically pleasing. She brings a sense of order that transforms the physical space, but most of what her clients love is the sense of peacefulness that is experienced by her work. By bringing in an established and tailor-made plan, she completes each project efficiently and meets her client's personalized needs. 


  • Replace/add shelf liners
  • Dishes, tupperware, bakeware, serving pieces, china
  • Junk drawer organization
  • Pantries

Master Closets

  • Seasonal updates
  • Garment edit 
  • Hanger replacement
  • Shoes and accessories organization


  • Replace/add shelf liners
  • Toiletry organization
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Linen closets

Laundry/Mud Rooms

  • Organize cleaning supplies/tools/home necessities
  • Add shelves, baskets, and containers
  • Kid's backpack drop off 

Home Office

  • Create filing system/customize files 
  • Organize drawers/desktop
  • Mail/bill system 

Living Areas

  • Electronics, cords, and chargers
  • Collections of DVDs, books, magazines, and games
  • Pictures, keepsakes, and collectibles 


  • Toys, art supplies, kid's artwork 
  • Kid's games and electronics

Kids Rooms/Closets

  • Kid friendly drawer/hanging/shoe organization
  • Kid friendly system for easy clean up of toys and clothes
  • Storage of outgrown clothing and shoes


  • Holiday china
  • Decor: wreaths, ornaments, decorations, stockings 
  • Gift wrap storage

Move-In Services

  • An option to ease the stress of moving
  • Unpack boxes 
  • Set up kitchens, closets, offices, etc.





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